The largest exhibition of Cremona violins in Spain
In exclusive and with the warranty of Consorzio Liutai "Antonio Stradivari" Cremona - Italy

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Program R-Nova
Buy your student instrument in Violines de Luthier, and when you need to change it for a bigger or higher model, deliver it as part of the payment of the new one.
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Purchase or Rent a violin ?
Purchase or Rent a Violin?Each beginning of the course the same question and the same doubts arise.
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A matter of Honesty
A few simple tips so you do not get ripped off when buying your new instrument.
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Featured Instruments
Giorgio Grisales
Guarneri del Gesú Personalizzato
Davide Pizzolato
Violin Guadagnini 1772
Stefano Trabuchi
Stradivari Personalizzato
Marcello Villa
Guarneri del Gesú
Giorgio Grisales
Cello Lorenzo Ventapane
Giorgio Grisales
Ornati Personalizzato
Daniele Tonarelli
Viola Guarneri "1676"
Daniele Tonarelli
Antonio Stradivari "ex Piatti"
Pablo Farias
Guarneri del Gesu 2021
Andrea Grisales
Cello Montagnana Sleeping Beauty
Arthur Parisot
Mirecourt violin ca 1950
Pasquale Sardone
Antonio Stradivari