Stefano Trabuchi - Stradivari Personalizzato

Top     Spruce
Back and sides     Maple of Balkans
Varnish     Spirit
Size     4/4
Body length     355 mm
Width upper bouts     167 mm
Width lower bouts     208 mm
Minimal CC width     114 mm


Luthier: Stefano Trabuchi
Model: Stradivari Personalizzato
Year of construction: 2023

This Violin has the following certificates:
- Certificate of Luthier
- Certificate of Consorzio Liutai Antonio Stradivari, Cremona

Stefano Trabuchi is recognized as one of the most prominent and prestigious luthiers in Cremona, Italy.

His work is distinguished by the high quality and exquisite beauty of the woods used and by the fine details that make each instrument unique and exclusive.

Specifically, this violin model Stradivari Personalizzato stands out for the exuberant beauty of the maple wood used for the back and sides, as well as for the precise sculpted details on the pegs and tailpiece.

Regarding the sound, this is a soloist violin with very good projection and a powerful, clear and clean sound, with a very warm and seductive tone.

The great beauty of this violin is overcome by the even greater beauty of its exceptional sound.

A must try violin for anyone looking for a high-performance professional soloist violin.