Carlos Roberts - Guarneri del Gesú 1744 "Ole Bull"

Top     Spruce
Back and sides     Maple of Balkans
Varnish     Oil and spirit
Size     4/4
Body length     355 mm
Width upper bouts     165 mm
Width lower bouts     205 mm
Minimal CC width     110 mm


Luthier: Carlos Roberts
Modelo: Violin Guarneri del Gesú 1744 "Ole Bull"
Year of construction: 2023
This Violin has the following certificates:
- Certificate of Luthier
- Certificate of Consorzio Liutai Antonio Stradivari, Cremona
Violin of exceptional construction with a spectacular antic treatment that not only enhances the beauty of the instrument, but also greatly improves the quality of its sound.
Captivating tone, full of emotion and feeling, also stands out for its strength, character and response. Warm tone with velvety nuances, full of color and expressiveness.
Great response to the bow that allows to nuance even the smallest passages. And if that were not enough, very comfortable and easy to play.
A professional soloist violin of exceptional quality and performance.
A must-try for anyone looking for a top professional concert violin.