Program R-Nova

News published on 08/09/2022

Program R Nova

Progam R-NOVA
An instrument for each age and level of study
So easy, get your junior or student instrument (violin, viola, cello) in Violines de Luthier, and when you need to change it to a bigger or higher model, you give it as part of payment for your new instrument, choosing a new one from our extensive range.
Easy, fast and economical. With the R-Nova Program you will save a lot of money, since you can give your student instrument acquired in Violines de Luthier for a new one of bigger size or higher level, so you have the right instrument  for each level of study.
How works the R-Nova Program:
  • Choose one of our junior, student or professional instruments
  • When you need a new instrument, simply choose the instrument you want from our wide range and give us the previous instrument acquired in Violines de Luthier as part of payment.
  • The instrument must be delivered in reasonable good condition for use upon delivery. Our assessment will depend on the condition of the instrument, being usual 80% of its original value.
If you start firstly with a junior instrument, then you could go to one for adult beginners, then to a Studio instrument, then to a professional studio and finally a concert-orchestra instrument. And throughout this development the R-Nova Program will make it much easier and economical the investment in your instruments.
Additionally, you will always count on the warranties of  Violines de Luthier.
All our instruments have been selected according to our high standards of quality based on sound, tuning, quality construction and finishing.