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Master Class Cello - MICHAEL KEVIN JONES

Cello Master Class
Michael Kevin Jones
Cello Master Class with the prestigious cellist Michael Kevin Jones. 

During these classes, Michael will expose his method of teaching, some of the main techniques in the professional interpretation of the Cello and how he guides his classes so that his students progress faster and improve their technique and interpretive skills. 

This class is aimed at cellists who wish to improve their technique, or who wish to know how a professional cellist prepares their concerts and recordings. 

Especially addressed to cellists who are preparing exams, concerts, competitions or works with camera groups.  If you want to attend, please book a place in advance.

Limited places.


British cellist Michael Kevin Jones has found a unique  place for himself  among today performers. While a student at the Royal College of Music in London he was chosen to play for the Royal family and awarded a German government scholarship for further study in Koln where he quickly became solo cellist and toured the world with top musical groups. He has developed a non conventional career  encorporating multi musical activities and he is also an avid teacher, pianist and coach. 

As member of ’ the Jones Maruri cello guitar  duo ‘ he had his first top 10 selling CD ‘original music for cello and guitar’ in Hong Kong and China  and as a soloist his recording of the complete Bach suites on a 1667 Stradivarius cello for the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York has received  international critical acclaim and several audio awards .


Date:             15th of June
Schedule:     10:30h - 14.00h
Address:       Violines de Luthier, Madrid 
Attendants:   Actives and Listeners
Price:             50 €