High Cremonese Lutheria in Spain

News published on 10/06/2016

High Cremonese Lutheria in Spain



Protagonist of the historical evolution of the violin, Cremonese violinmaking initiated in the second part of the 16th century with Andrea Amati, creating, over three centuries, an evolution process unique in the world.

In these 300 years many families of violinmakers succeeded one another for several generations: from father to son, from nephew to grand-nephew. These famous families are the Bergonzis, the Guarneris, the Ruggeris and the Stradivaris; dynasties of violin makers, undoubtedly all relying on the classical tradition of instrument making.

These families became popular in Europe, the noble courts commissioned to the cremonese violinmakers the instruments for their orchestras, the famous musicians of those times aspired to own an instrument made in Cremona so the name Cremona reached the highest levels.

This tradition continues today more alive than ever represented by the Consorzio Antonio Stradivari, which guarantees the authenticity of their instruments made by master luthiers settled in the city of Cremona, following a traditional and centenary process with unique results in sound, performance and quality.


The largest exhibition of Cremona instruments in Spain

Violines de Luthier specializes in instruments for professionals and represents exclusively for Spain the prestigious high Italian lutheria of Consorzio Liutai Antonio Stradivari of Cremona.

These top instruments of high performance have specific certification to ensure that its construction has been made by hand, according to Cremona tradition to achive the best sound result.