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News published on 05/04/2016

Brand name synonym of Maximum Quality

Cremona Cello

The sound of Cremonese instruments has fascinated and delighted people for hundreds of years.

Concealed by the musicians' brilliance is the talent of the violin maker, artisan and woodworking artist, whose skill lies in giving body to sound by choosing the materials and designing the forma and contours.

Every step in the construction of an instrument involves not just a critical mass of knowledge and experience, but also engages the maker´s soul.

The result is a being that comes alive in the hands of the musician, transmitting emotion through its perfect resonance.

The aspiration of Cremona's violin-making is to make this magic eternal, using the same traditional method developed five hundred years ago, recognized and admired around the world and a permanent source of inspiration for modern makers.

Cremona's craftsmen protect their tradition through the CREMONA LIUTERIA® hallmark, which guarantees that the certified instrument has been made by hand by a Cremonese professional master violin maker.


Cremona Logo

Years of training, particular skills, special sensitivity and practical experience are required to become a stringed instrument maker; in order to make instruments that are excellent both in terms of sound and appearance high quality materials are required and great care must be taken over the process; therefore, the Cremona Liuteria trademark aims to:

- Safety for customers, who can be sure of buying guaranteed instruments,

- Access to a databank allowing a permanent verification of the authenticity of the maker and the instrument.

- Guarantee the handicraft characteristics and the origin of the instruments.

- Be made and finished in the maker’s workshop without the use of industrial semifinished products

- Be made using the traditional Cremona craft techniques and subsequent developments.