Daniele Tonarelli

Daniele Tonarelli Foto 4 He was born in Cremona, world center of the violin maker since the sixteenth century, and his work can not avoid the influence of this mythical city of violin.
Since he was a child, he was attracted by the traditions and ancient craft workshops of Cremona where technique, skills and studies have been transmitted from father to son.
He always wanted to become a Master Luthier, so he attended the International School of Violin Construction "Antonio Stradivari", which welcomes students from all over the world, where he obtained his graduation in this art.
He graduated in 1994 with the help of his mentor, Maestro Giorgio Scolari, and for the next three years he perfected his technique, following the traditional method of Cremona, in the workshop of Maestro Marco Nolli.
Later, he participated in several contests in Baveno, Bagnacavallo and Moscow, receiving distinctions and recognitions.
Currently Daniele Tonarelli is a prestigious Master Luthier and his instruments are in the hands of soloists, orchestras and brilliant performers from around the world.
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