Price     28,00 €
Type     Humidifier



Boveda is not a humidifier or desiccant - it is a true two-way humidity control system.

Boveda ensures that your instrument is kept in optimal humidity conditions and therefore retains all its properties intact. The Boveda pack is composed of salt, water and a gel solution contained within a water vapor permeable membrane. Inside a closed environment, Boveda maintains a certain level of relative humidity either by releasing or absorbing water vapor and eliminating all possible fluctuations in humidity. The standard package for wooden musical instruments is designed to maintain a relative humidity of 49%.

The science behind Boveda

The technology behind the incredible benefits of Boveda and its bidirectional humidity regulation system is based on scientific principles according to the laws of Raoult and Henry. These principles are proven scientific evidence, not just theories. One of the principles contained within these scientific laws states that a saturated solution of salt in water will maintain a certain level of constant relative humidity within a closed environment. This immutable law is the fundamental principle of Boveda.

Boveda maintains relative humidity with an accuracy of +/- 1%

To maintain a certain level of relative humidity - between 10% and 95% -, Boveda uses a variety of salts and different combinations of salts. We often find that several types of salts combined will produce the desired percentage of relative humidity. Boveda chooses the combination with the best moisture exchange capacity and the least sensitivity to temperature changes. In most cases, a given saturated solution will maintain a specific humidity level of +/- 1% over a wide range of temperatures. That is why Boveda is so effective and easy to use, you just have to insert it into the case with your instrument and leave it