Patrizio Orippi

Patrizio Orippi Photo1

Patrizio Orippi was born in Fidenza, in the province of Parma, on June 17th, 1970. 15 years later he decided to join the International School of Strings of Cremona, where he attended the courses of the Masters Vincenzo Bissolotti, Massimo Negroni and Stefano Conia.

He graduates in 1989 with honors, begins to improve attending the workshop of Master Vincenzo Bissolotti and of the father, the master Francesco Bissolotti.

In 1997 worked for a year in Germany in Saarbrucken in the workshop of the master luthier T. Tebbi. He attended the workshop, as further, the friend Master Stefano Gironi.

In 2006 starts his activities in Cremona. He makes violins, violas and cellos, inspired by Cremona’s great tradition of Violinmaking.

His varnish is transparent, brilliant; master Orippi features by his particular care selecting best woods and materials.

He has a great interest for the stringed instruments of the first years 1900, in particular for the Masters Giuseppe Ornati, Ferdinando Garimberti and Giuseppe Fiorini, from whom he draws his inspiration.

In 2006, he participated with a cello to the XI triennial International Competition of stringed instruments of Cremona. He also participated to the IV National Competition of Violinmaking in Baveno, classifying with a viola at fourth place.

He has worked for some years in Cremona with Master Alessandro Gambarin and he opened his own workshop in Cremona in 2012.

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