Riccardo Bergonzi

Luthier Riccardo Bergonzi Foto Riccardo Bergonzi graduated in 1979 in the Cremona School of Violin making and was awarded the Gold Medal “G. Merola” as the best pupil of the school. For 10 years he was a teacher at the Cremona International School of Violin making.
Over the years Riccardo Bergonzi has participated and has been recognized in major national and international competitions: 1976 Gold Medal at the Bagnacavallo exhibition as “youngest violin-maker”; 1988 Gold Medal at the Bagnacavallo exhibition as “best violin” with special mention for the varnish; 1990 Gold Medal at the Bagnacavallo exhibition for his cello; 1991 Cremona International Triennal: his instrument is first in the viola category.
Riccardo pays particular attention to set up and sound; his craftsmanship is recognized all over the world.
Along with his activity as violinmaker Riccardo Bergonzi is also a painter and a sculptor, working with wood and bronze. This interest for art is undoubtedly an important complement to the activity of violinmaking, contributing to the study of forms by a richer and more personal touch.