Daniele Scolari

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Daniele Scolari was born in Cremona on December 29th, 1961. He attended the Cremona International Violin making School, where he was a pupil of Master Giobatta Morassi. He graduated in 1979, and since 1982 he has been working with his brother Giorgio, from whom he was able to learn the basics, specializing techniques, and style as personalization skills.

The instruments which he makes are inspired by the classic cremonese school of violinmaking, in particular,  models by Stradivari and Guarneri, picking only the highest quality materials.

His violins, violas, and cellos are appreciated not only in Italy, but also in Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States, for both, his care in details and his personalized style along with his varnish which is of a brownish-orange color.

In 1984, he took part in the “Bagnacavallo” Competitions winning the gold medal for the best varnish. In 1986 he won a silver medal for one of his violins following with two bronze medals with a violin and a viola in 1988. He also took part in many editions of the Cremona “Triennal” Competitions always receiving great results.

He has been part of the jury at III (2009) and VII (2013) "National Competition of Violin Making" in Pisogne (BS) and Mozzate (CO) organized by Association A.N.L.A.I. 

Since 1996, he has been teaching “Manufacture and Varnishing” in Cremona’s International School of Violinmaking.

In addition to violinmaking, he has always been a music enthusiast that experiences in many fields ranging from light music to liturgical organ playing. He is also a director of a vocal and instrumental group with which he continues to have as much spirit in searching new things and need for enrichment as when he builds his instruments.

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