Arturo Ponce

Arturo Ponce Foto In 1997 he attended the” Taller de Lauderia” at the Universidad Veracruzana in Xalapa, México under the guidance of violin maker Antonio Amezcua and bow maker Octavio Aranda.

In 2003 he attended a three year bow making course in Cremona, and in 2004 starts an apprenticeship with the departed Master bow maker Giovanni Lucchi developing his skills as bow maker and restorer, becoming workshop responsible over the years until he opened his own workshop in 2011.

His work is 100% handmade, from the construction of the stick to all the pieces of the nut, providing to his bows with high technical perfection and unbeatable balance.

His love for his work and his obsession for details and perfection have resulted in bows of exceptional performance, and his bows are currently in the hands of some of the best musicians from around the world.