Emilio Slaviero

Foto Emilio Slaviero Emilio Slaviero received his diploma from the "Scuola di Formazione Professionale-Regione Lombardia" in 1982. The same year, he started his own workshop in his hometown of Cremona. From 1982 to 1992, he combined his activities in the workshop teaching his skills as luthier at the same Institute.
Driven by his concern and ongoing research, Emilio Slaviero devoted part of his study to the latest construction methods, particularly the German ones, under the teaching of the family Grunke workshop.
From 1988 to 1992 he was nominated as official manufacturer of bows for the "Festival Tibor Varga" in Sion (Switzerland), where it is carried out the restoration of bow of various world-famous musicians, with which it maintains regular contact for development his skills.
He has worked professionally with French colleagues and in 1990 with the master bow maker JF Raffin, learning about basic tools for evaluating the bows.
From the beginning of his professional development, he has made copies of the great masters of antiquity, especially French from the 1800s, in addition to research on personal models.
In 1994 he participated in the World Festival of Avignon (France) on bass, organized by the "Octo-Bass" association, where his work was much appreciated, especially in the area of ​​originality and finish.
His particular professional vision facilitates its study on improving the performance of musical practice, from which flows concern about the construction of bows transition and baroque using iron wood, snake wood with deep respect for philological principles.
In recent years he has also taught maintenance and repair for bows at the "International School of violin" in Cremona.
He has received international recognition after having reached a top level, either both stylistic  as well as functionality.
Currently his son Luca Slaviero, also Master Bow Maker, works with him in his workshop.