Andrea Varazzani

Andrea Varazani Andrea Varazzani was born in Napoli in 1982 and he moved to Sesto Cremonese in 1992.

In 2000, he gets the diploma at the “International Violinmaker School Antonio Stradivari” in Cremona with the direction of the teachers Massimo Negroni and Wanna Zambelli.

He worked for five years with the Master Daniele Tonarelli where he improved his style and techniques.

In 2006 he opened a laboratory in Sesto Cremonese, town nearly Cremona.

His works takes starting point from the classical Cremonese violinmaking school giving much attention at the materials and the sound quality. He uses alcohol and oil varnish with transparent and brilliant textures result.

In the construction of instruments, Andrea Varazzani uses personal models and creates reproductions of ancient traditional instruments. The woods are chosen personally and scrupulously; the processing is done entirely by hand, without the use of machinery, following the ancient Cremonese tradition.

Every instrument made by Andrea Varazzini is an exemple of his passion for excellence, every one is an unique Masterpiece.