Top     Spruce
Back and sides     Maple of Balkans
Varnish     Oil
Size     4/4
Body length     356 mm
Width upper bouts     165 mm
Width lower bouts     208 mm
Minimal CC width     115 mm


Luthier: Stefano Conia
Model: Violín Antonio Stradivari 1715 "IL CREMONESE"
Year of construction: 2021
This Violin has the following certificates:
- Certificate of Luthier
- Certificate of Consorzio Liutai Antonio Stradivari, Cremona
Suffice it to say that Stefano is the Master of the great Masters Luthier of Cremona. From his hands come instruments that are jewels, pure art, and full of all the flavor and tradition of the best historical Luthiers of Cremona.
For quality and construction, and also for sound, tone, power and projection, color and tonal richness, we are simply facing an insurmountable violin.
It has everything a violist wants and much more.
Stefano Conia is called to be one of the great historical masters of the best Lutheria in Cremona. The lucky owners who own one of his violins, will not only have a piece of exceptional beauty and sound, but also a violin of great present and future value.
In Violines de Luthier we have the honor and the pride of being able to represent its exclusive instruments.
An authentic Masterpiece !