Top     Spruce
Back and sides     Flamed maple
Varnish     Spirit
Size     4/4
Body length     355 mm
Width upper bouts     165 mm
Width lower bouts     207 mm
Minimal CC width     112 mm

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Violin Concetto Puglisi made in Catania, Italy
Year of construction: 1923

Old violin with the following certificates of authenticity:
- Certificate of Eric Blot; certifying expert
- Certificate of Giorgio Grisales, certifying expert and President of the Consorzio Liutai Antonio Stradivari of Cremona, Italy

Violin by Sicilian Luthier Concetto Puglissi built in 1923 in Catania.

This century-old violin is perfectly preserved, and only shows some signs of use, and the typical traces of the passage of time, such as the cracked varnish, common to these ancient instruments.

Built with a single-piece back, the grain of the wood offers a picture of singular beauty.

Its sound is very creamy and sweet, with great color quality and very well balanced between basses and trebles.

When playing it, you can feel how the passage of time has matured and softened its sound, embellishing it and giving it a unique personality and singularity.

A true and authentic antique Italian violin, with a century of history and of great sound.