Viola Paolo De Barbieri - 1947

Size     16"
Top     Spruce
Back and sides     Maple of Central Europe
Varnish     Oil
Body length     405 mm
Width upper bouts     191 mm
Width lower bouts     242 mm
Minimal CC width     130 mm

Luthier: Paolo De Barbieri
Year of construction: 1947

Viola by luthier Genovés Paolo de Barbieri from 1947.

Viola of exceptional quality and perfectly preserved with all its original parts. The varnish is also original, and it only has small traces of the passage of time and use.

The sound is deep, full of color, very elegant and with velvety accents that gives to the instrument an extraordinary capacity for seduction.

It also offers a great projection, as well as an immediate response to the bow, an instrument with a great interpretative capacity, moving from the "fortissimo" to the "pianissimo" with ease and naturalness.

In short, an orchestra viola of excellent performance and with all the flavor of the old instruments.