KeyTone Lubricant for Micro Tuners

Price     9,00 €
Type     Maintenance

KeyTone Lubricant for Micro Tuners
- Special Viscosity for micro tuning gears
- Contains Microscopic Lubricating Particles In Suspension
- Silicone Free, Food Grade Lubricant
- Exceptionally pure synthetic - No petroleum by products
- Kit Includes Restoration Quality Precision Applicators
KeyTone Lubricant provides a superior treatment for a micro tuner gears. Excellent for Tuning Machines s well as nut surface.
A small amount goes a long way, providing a very clean way to accurately conditioning.
The enclosed Archival cotton applicators allow you to apply the KeyTone Lubricant exactly where you need it! The Teflon-like micro-beads actually fill surface irregularities of mating parts. This forms a smooth lubricated surface with minimal application.
Manufactured in the USA. Full instructions included (in English)