The Best of Shostakovich

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2 CDs: The Very Best of Shostakovich

Dmitri Dmitriyevich Shostakovich was a Soviet composer and pianist,
and a prominent figure of 20th-century music.

Shostakovich's orchestral works include 15 symphonies and six concerts.
His chamber output includes 15 string quartets, a piano quintet, two piano trios, and two pieces for string octet.
His piano works include two solo sonatas, an early set of preludes, and a later set of 24 preludes and fugues.
Other works include three operas, several song cycles, ballets, and a substantial quantity of film music;
especially well known is "The Second Waltz", Op. 99, music to the film "The First Echelon" (1955–1956),
as well as the Suites composed for "The Gadfly".