Dvorák Slavonic Dances

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Composer     Antonín Dvorák
Type     Classical


CD: Dvořák Slavonic Dances
Slavonic Dances Op. 46, Op. 72
Composer: Antonín Dvořák

Orchestra: Slovak Philharmonic

The Slavonic Dances are a series of 16 orchestral pieces composed by Antonín Dvořák in 1878 and 1886
and published in two sets as Opus 46 and Opus 72 respectively.
Originally written for piano four hands, the Slavonic Dances were inspired by Johannes Brahms's own Hungarian Dances
and were orchestrated at the request of Dvořák's publisher soon after composition.
The pieces, lively and full of national character, were well received at the time
and today are among the composer's most memorable works,
occasionally making appearances in popular culture.


Op. 46
1. C major (Furiant)
2. in E minor (Dumka)
3. in A-flat major (Polka)
4. in F major (Sousedská)
5. in A major (Skočná)
6. in D major (Sousedská)
7. in C minor (Skočná)
8. in G minor (Furiant)

Op. 72
 9. in B major (Odzemek)
10. in E minor (Starodávný)
11. in F major (Skočná)
12. in D-flat major (Dumka)
13. in B-flat minor (Špacírka)
14. in B-flat major (Starodávný ("Ancient"))
15. in C major (Kolo)
16. in A-flat major (Sousedská)