The Excellence of Stradivari

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Type     Making
Author     Marcello Villa


The Excellence of Stradivari
The Inlaid Violin

Author: Marcello Villa
Format: 30 x 21 cms
Luxury color binding
Pages: 65
Languages: Italian and English
Includes DVD with documentary on construction

This book is written and documented by the Master Luthier Marcello Villa, one of the most prestigious luthiers in Cremona, Italy and a great scholar and master on the construction of Antonio Stradivari's instruments.

The book explains in detail and with color photos the process of construction of the decorations of Antonio Stradivari's instruments.

It offers very detailed descriptions of the materials used, the design and the proper tools for construction.

It also includes a DVD, with a movie where Master Marcello Villa explains and recreates step by step the construction of the decorations that appear in this book.