Violin Method Larry TAB

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Instrument     Violin
Type     Children / Adults
Author     Larry Tab

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Violin Method Larry TAB
It includes Method + Template + CD
Language: Spanish
Pages: 36

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The easiest and funniest way to learn how to play violin from scratch and from the first note.


Method explain how to hold the violin and bow.
To get a correct posture of the left hand in the first position and posture, alignment arm, fingerboard, fingering and bow pressure among others.
To get this goal, 42 graphics with corresponding explanations are shown as well as possible errors and how to solve them.

It includes 20 songs with the simple system of tablature for violin Larry Tab, you will begin to learn and recognize the positions of the fingerboard of the violin from the first moment playing beautiful songs.

Larry template Tab divide the fingerboard of the violin in frets, so that makes it easier to find the right pitch of notes when the student begins to take its first steps.
Thanks to the template, you can quickly access the positions on the fingerboard accurately, enabling you to observe mistakes autonomously.

It includes instructions to set the template. Installation is very easy. It is not necessary to loosen the strings.

The CD includes all the tracks songs of the method and two useful software: a metronome and a tuner for violin.