Top     German spruce
Back and sides     Flamed maple from central Europe
Varnish     Antic
Size     4/4
Body length     755 mm
Width upper bouts     353 mm
Width lower bouts     442 mm
Minimal CC width     244 mm

Cello Lothar Semmlinger model Advance Antic
Fully handmade in Germany by Lothar Semmlinger.
The Semmlinger family enjoys a long and great reputation in the construction of stringed instruments.
Their instruments are completely handcrafted with a selection of the best woods and materials.
This professional cello has a high quality and antique German spruce top and a beautiful flamed maple back from central-Europe. The fingerboard and the pegs are made of ebony, and the tailgate is high range Wittner type. This Cello has an antic varnish treatment that improves the tone quality of the instrument, while getting a remarkably beauty.
Its sound is large and powerful, with great projection and cleanliness and with stunning basses. High response almost effortlessly.
Its sound is of an exuberant beauty.
Insuperable by quality and price in its category.