Filippo Anselmi - Cello Montagnana "Sleeping Beauty"

Top     Spruce
Back and sides     Maple of Balkans
Varnish     Spirit
Size     4/4
Body length     738 mm
Width upper bouts     359 mm
Width lower bouts     436 mm
Minimal CC width     260 mm


Luthier: Filippo Anselmi
Model: Cello Montagnana “Sleeping Beauty”
Year of construction: 2022

This Cello has the following certificates:
- Certificate of Luthier
- Certificate of Consorzio Liutai Antonio Stradivari from Cremona, Italy

Cello built made by Luthier Filippo Anselmi in the workshop of the prestigious Luhtier Stefano Trabuchi, with the same high quality standards and the selected woods of Maestro Trabuchi.

This is a "Sleeping Beauty" model by the legendary Italian luthier Domenico Montagnana.

The woods selected for this cello are of the highest quality, highly aged, and at the same time of truly unique beauty and exuberance.

The sound of this cello is deep, with great resonance and projection, with an elegant and creamy tone, full of color, like the best Italian cellos.

And the best feature about this cello is its comfort, it is a 4/4 cello but slightly smaller and more ergonomic, which greatly facilitates its playability.

In short, a great orchestra cello, very comfortable and easy-playing and with a sublime sound to match its exceptional beauty.