Viola Bridge DESPIAU 3-Trees 48 mm

Price     29,00 €
Instrument     Viola
Size     +15"

Viola Bridge DESPIAU 3-Trees
Size available:  +15"
Height: 48 mm 
Highest Quality.
Viola bridge Despiau Chevalets 3-Trees, Made in France, rough, unfinished, it needs to be profiled and filed to be set to the viola.
Best and highest quality bridges, worldwide renowned, for stringed intruments.
At Despiau, it all starts with the tree, they select 300-hundred-year-old maples in the forests of Bosnia-Herzegovina.
The cutting of the wood is a key moment in the manufacturing process. Skilled hands draw out the final line of the bridge, seeking to optimize the wood's original structure.
Bridge provides around 20% of the instrument's acoustic output. Discretely and with humility, this little piece of wood can both glorify the genius of a beautiful instrument or indeed enhance the musicality of the most ordinary of instruments.
Despiau offers four standards of wood quality bridges. The most prestigious bridges carry the 3-tree stamp of authenticity.