Templates for Violin, an easy and fast method of learning

News published on 17/01/2017

To confront learning how to play violin for the first time, its technique, its notes in the neck, the correct position and grip of the bow ... is not at all easy task.


At first everything seems to us a new and impossible world, and although there are methods that help to progress step by step in the right way, the achievements take time and sometimes students become discouraged or they lose their patience.


Larry tab

A tool that we consider especially useful for beginners, are the templates for violin, and especially the templates Larry Tab.


These templates help the difficult task of learning and finding the main notes and moving them to their positions on the violin neck.


Larry tab

Particularly Larry Tab's templates are very easy to set, and in a few minutes we have identified the right positions for notes and fingers, simulating guitar frets with which we quickly learn where all the notes are.

Larry tab

This evolved template is accompanied by a libretto with songs written both in tablature for the template and in standard music notation.


The songs have a level of progressive difficulty, so that as you advance the requirement goes up, but also the natural understanding and assimilation of notes on the neck.


In addition, the libretto offers tips and corrections on how to improve our technique of playing the violin and the right of bow.


In short, a very complete, easy and intuitive method that greatly shortens our initial learning phase. It even allows you to learn to play the violin, at a beginner level, in a self-taught way.


However, this method never replaces a good teacher, in any case is a good complement and good initial help. And it is also not a valid method for a complete learning of the instrument, although and as I said before, in an initial phase is an extraordinary aid because you progress a lot and motivate you more, and that in learning is ALL.


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